March Comes in like a Lion Episode 15: Mirrored Selves

This week’s episode of March Comes in like a Lion focuses on Rei’s renewed fascination with the world of shogi. With the help of his friends and loved ones, we’re beginning to see Rei loosen up. Shimada’s overwhelming victory over him has set the gears in motion for a burning desire to improve within himself. Continue reading “March Comes in like a Lion Episode 15: Mirrored Selves”

ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus

ACCA’s third episode was slow paced, taking time to construct the uncertainties that plague the minds of the individuals in power. Continue reading “ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus”

Little Witch Academia: Episode 3 — The True Magic is in an Earnest Approach

It’s not often the case that people pursue their dreams with all that they have. After all, if it were that easy, we’d all be well-accomplished individuals. Continue reading “Little Witch Academia: Episode 3 — The True Magic is in an Earnest Approach”

First Impressions: Scum’s Wish/Kuzu no Honkai

The first episode of Scum’s Wish makes a case as a contender among the top series of the season. With that said, my initial run through the episode was marked with dissatisfaction at the character and the explicit nature of the piece.  The art style itself was great, with some neat manga-esque panel framing to show a wide range of character expressions during specific moments. There’s an irregular, pencil like quality to the aesthetic that’s overall pleasing to look at, perhaps hinting at an unfiltered experience of the character’s reality. The show utilizes the split window well, highlighting the conflicting nature between mind and body. This is a nice touch in a series whose major draw is the exploration of unrequited love. The part that’s problematic with Scum’s Wish is that its theme is forcefully shoved down our throats, making it a point to narrate what exactly the protagonist is feeling during every single moment. Sometimes the narration works, but for the most part it’s heavy handed and distracting. Those moments don’t really allow room for input or introspection. It’s dictating exactly what you should be thinking at all times.

Continue reading “First Impressions: Scum’s Wish/Kuzu no Honkai”