PalpableEmoji’s Winter Season Week One Round-up: 2017

2017-01-13 10_28_19-[Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 01 [6A9D1E5C].mkv - VLC media player

Curious about what’s worth watching this season? Feel like you’ve been missing out? I’ve got your back. The purpose of this post is to provide a quick rundown on my opinions for the season thus far. My aim is to have a place for people to able to sift through to pick out shows they may enjoy. Continue reading “PalpableEmoji’s Winter Season Week One Round-up: 2017”

First Impressions: Seiren, Episode 1

Seiren is such a generic romantic comedy it actually hurt to watch. This series has all the same issues that plagued its predecessor, Amagami SS: an utterly mundane cast of characters. Sure, there’s some fun exchanges of banter and interesting topics of conversation, but it doesn’t make it worthwhile to stick around. Our protagonist, the love-struck Kamita, is as boring as they come. He has no goals or ambitions; he’s just a painfully average guy taking it one day at a time. His love interest Tsuneki is too perfect. She’s the class idol and has plenty of guys after her, but for some strange reason she can’t help but gravitate around Kamita. To top it off, she’s not taken aback by Kamita’s creepy tendencies. She might actually be into that sort of thing. Continue reading “First Impressions: Seiren, Episode 1”