March Comes in like a Lion Episode 15: Mirrored Selves

This week’s episode of March Comes in like a Lion focuses on Rei’s renewed fascination with the world of shogi. With the help of his friends and loved ones, we’re beginning to see Rei loosen up. Shimada’s overwhelming victory over him has set the gears in motion for a burning desire to improve within himself. Continue reading “March Comes in like a Lion Episode 15: Mirrored Selves”

First Impressions: ACCA, Episode 1

ACCA’s first episode was magnificently crafted, unraveling a world in which something is clearly amiss. Its aesthetic, brightly colored cityscapes, extremely detailed uniforms, and long, lanky characters, alongside a funky soundtrack, compliments the rich narrative with flavor. Through the hollowed-out expression of the sharp inspector Jean Otus, we learn of the corruption that plagues the seemingly rose-tinted world of ACCA. The Dowa Kingdom is a federation comprised of 13 states, each with their own set of branches and agencies. Jean, as the Chief Officer of the Inspection Department in one of these states, is right at the center of everything. Tasked with inspecting all agencies, he uses his keen intellect, skepticism, and laid-back attitude to uncover problems within the organization. And boy, does he make for an interesting character. Continue reading “First Impressions: ACCA, Episode 1”

Log Horizon – Seasons 1 & 2 Full Review

It’s been quite a while since the release of the first season of Log Horizon in 2014, but I’ve made it a point to revisit this series because honestly, I never gave it a fair shot in the first place


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Keijo — Final Episode Review

Keijo’s ending was a mixed bag — it started with a boom, trailed off into a whimper somewhere in between, but managed to pick itself back up to finish just as strongly as it began.

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Mob Psycho 100 — The Gem of 2016

Every once in a while, we have that one series that slips under our radar for superficial reasons.

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