ACCA, Episode 4: A Brief Lull

2017-02-06 00_46_40-[HorribleSubs] ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka - 04 [1080p].mkv - VLC media player

This week’s ACCA felt as though it took a break from its main storyline. We still had some of the excellent storytelling components of earlier episodes: The aura of mystery, vibrant color palettes, and the suspense of impending doom, but they largely felt subdued and less focused. Scenes like Nino in the background snooping around didn’t stay long enough to make any lasting impressions on what was going on. Instead, the focus was a snippet into the history of the small, traditional town of Suitsu district and its own civil unrest. Continue reading “ACCA, Episode 4: A Brief Lull”

ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus

ACCA’s third episode was slow paced, taking time to construct the uncertainties that plague the minds of the individuals in power. Continue reading “ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus”