Scum’s Wish Episode 4: Despicable Characters and The Things They Do

Whew, was this episode of Scum’s Wish a doozy. It’s official — Everyone’s situation has turned into a big heaping pile of crap. Continue reading “Scum’s Wish Episode 4: Despicable Characters and The Things They Do”

Scum’s Wish Episode 3: The People We Love

This week’s installment of Scum’s Wish had some very uncomfortable moments in love as characters began to express their curiosity for each other in daring and bold ways. We built up to the moments that led up to last episode’s cliffhanger, seeing just what exactly drove Ecchan to give into her desires. Continue reading “Scum’s Wish Episode 3: The People We Love”

Scum’s Wish: Episode 2 Review

Through the lens of two new characters, we explore new angles on unrequited love in Scum’s Wish. Hana’s childhood friend Ecchan has had a crush on her for quite some time, but she doesn’t want to impede on her and Mugi. Mugi’s childhood playmate Noriko is on a similar boat, lusting over Mugi. Things get incredibly complicated for everyone involved, as we begin to see the facades that they have built crumbling down. They are barely holding themselves together, attempting to keep back these primal desires that they have. This episode didn’t restrain itself when it came to depicting the cognitive dissonance present in characters while they struggled to understand what in particular makes them love the people they do. It was an utterly powerful episode, filled with the raw emotion associated with awkward moments of teenage love. Continue reading “Scum’s Wish: Episode 2 Review”