Yuri!!! on Ice — Initial Impressions


Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been living under a rock for taking this long to watch Yuri!!! on Ice. I had a hard time believing I’d even remotely care about a show whose main focus is ice skating, but evidently I was wrong. And for that, I deserve to have that same rock beaten against my head for how foolish I’ve been to have even started this series so late into the season. To put it simply, Yuri!!! on Ice’s first episode was amazing. Continue reading “Yuri!!! on Ice — Initial Impressions”

Fall 2016 Catchup: March Comes in like a Lion — Episodes 5 – 8


March Comes in like a Lion has been taking a nosedive as of late. For as much praise as I’ve given the show for its candor, I’m growing rather tired of its tendency to meander into pointless drivel. It isn’t all terrible. It’s mainly the fact that the bulk of the series, as of late, has occurred in either the Kawamoto household or Rei’s home. Never mind the redundant use of over-the-top humor. It wasn’t so bad at first. A few scenes filled with chibi-isms and high-pitched voices here and there. But now? It’s expected that any scene delving deep into the unfiltered thoughts of characters will at some point pull back, killing any emotion previously established with forced humor. It’s almost as if the series wants to prevent any scene from getting too dramatic. This severely hinders some of the emotional investment we can have with these characters. It’s this very reason that I believe holds the show back from being a masterpiece. Continue reading “Fall 2016 Catchup: March Comes in like a Lion — Episodes 5 – 8”

Hina’s horrible bento and Rei’s formidable Rival — March Comes in Like a Lion – Episode 4


Chapter 7

This chapter of March Comes in like a Lion is yet another endearing episode on Hinata and Nikaido. While Rei visits the Kawamoto sister’s house, he learns about Takahashi, the baseball player Hina has been madly in love with for quite some time now. Seeing Hina visually flustered over trying to decide what bento to make for Takahashi’s game is adorable.

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Nikaido is a Fighter — March Comes in like a Lion — Episode 3


Chapter 3

After the last bit of Nikaido in Episode 2, I had almost completely dismissed him as a potentially likable character. Episode 3 was a bit slow, taking its time to delve into the relationship between Nikaido and Rei. And I must admit, I was completely wrong about Nikaido. There are far more layers to him than I gave him credit for. Continue reading “Nikaido is a Fighter — March Comes in like a Lion — Episode 3”

March Comes in like a Lion — Episode 2 Review


The next episode of March comes in like a Lion is a particularly powerful one, exceeding my expectations in just about every category. From a bunch of new, interesting characters being introduced, insightful small moments, backstories being further explored, to Rei’s Shogi world — this episode has it all. We’re even treated to some of the trademark eye close-ups Shaft loves to use ever so much.

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March Comes in like a Lion — Initial Impressions

Alternative names: 3-gatsu no lion //  3月のライオン 

I’ll be honest, as a fan of Shaft’s prior works (Bakemonogatari and Arakawa Under the Bridge, to name a few) I’m going into this series with high expectations. It also helps that the art style is reminiscent of Your Lie in April — another series that to say I enjoyed would be an understatement. I wept like a baby after finishing that series. I’m expecting a narrative that is equally as moving from March Comes in like a Lion.

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Kiss Him, Not Me — Initial Impressions


Kei Serinuma is a seemingly simple girl who knows what she wants, and boy does this show make it a point to drive this across — She loves boys. I mean, sure, that in itself is normal… right? No, what I’m saying is — she REALLY, REALLY loves boys. Continue reading “Kiss Him, Not Me — Initial Impressions”