PalpableEmoji’s Winter Season Week One Round-up: 2017

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Curious about what’s worth watching this season? Feel like you’ve been missing out? I’ve got your back. The purpose of this post is to provide a quick rundown on my opinions for the season thus far. My aim is to have a place for people to able to sift through to pick out shows they may enjoy. Continue reading “PalpableEmoji’s Winter Season Week One Round-up: 2017”

First Impressions: Gabriel Dropout, Episode 1

Okay, I thought Interviews With Monster Girls was funny, but then I watched Gabriel Dropout and I was left cackling like a madman. The show is seriously hilarious. It sorta suckers you into it, too. It starts with a seemingly innocent premise filled with bubbly characters that radiate joy. Up in heaven, a group of angels surround the exceptionally gifted angel Gabriel, congratulating her on graduating Angel School. Having graduated, Gabriel pursues further education down in earth.  The group of angels send her off all teary-eyed, saying how much they’ll miss her. And so Gabriel descends down to heaven, ecstatic about studying humans firsthand. It’s all innocently cutesy stuff until she experiences life on earth firsthand.

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First Impressions: ACCA, Episode 1

ACCA’s first episode was magnificently crafted, unraveling a world in which something is clearly amiss. Its aesthetic, brightly colored cityscapes, extremely detailed uniforms, and long, lanky characters, alongside a funky soundtrack, compliments the rich narrative with flavor. Through the hollowed-out expression of the sharp inspector Jean Otus, we learn of the corruption that plagues the seemingly rose-tinted world of ACCA. The Dowa Kingdom is a federation comprised of 13 states, each with their own set of branches and agencies. Jean, as the Chief Officer of the Inspection Department in one of these states, is right at the center of everything. Tasked with inspecting all agencies, he uses his keen intellect, skepticism, and laid-back attitude to uncover problems within the organization. And boy, does he make for an interesting character. Continue reading “First Impressions: ACCA, Episode 1”

First Impressions: Seiren, Episode 1

Seiren is such a generic romantic comedy it actually hurt to watch. This series has all the same issues that plagued its predecessor, Amagami SS: an utterly mundane cast of characters. Sure, there’s some fun exchanges of banter and interesting topics of conversation, but it doesn’t make it worthwhile to stick around. Our protagonist, the love-struck Kamita, is as boring as they come. He has no goals or ambitions; he’s just a painfully average guy taking it one day at a time. His love interest Tsuneki is too perfect. She’s the class idol and has plenty of guys after her, but for some strange reason she can’t help but gravitate around Kamita. To top it off, she’s not taken aback by Kamita’s creepy tendencies. She might actually be into that sort of thing. Continue reading “First Impressions: Seiren, Episode 1”

First Impressions: Interviews with Monster Girls, Episode 1

Endearingly awkward splashed with a colorful cast of characters, Interviews with Monster Girls is a pleasant surprise of fun.  It doesn’t aim to blow us out of the water; The character designs and high school setting are all pretty generic stuff, but that’s where the appeal lies. Instead, it opts to present to us the seemingly average day-in-the-life of a teenage monster girl (also known as demis or demi-humans) attending high school. The premise is so simple it’s brilliant. As the episode unfolds, we get to see the everyday worries of these monster girls, their interactions with their peers filled with genuine curiosity, and even the exploration of things such as their diet. Continue reading “First Impressions: Interviews with Monster Girls, Episode 1”

First Impressions: Scum’s Wish/Kuzu no Honkai

The first episode of Scum’s Wish makes a case as a contender among the top series of the season. With that said, my initial run through the episode was marked with dissatisfaction at the character and the explicit nature of the piece.  The art style itself was great, with some neat manga-esque panel framing to show a wide range of character expressions during specific moments. There’s an irregular, pencil like quality to the aesthetic that’s overall pleasing to look at, perhaps hinting at an unfiltered experience of the character’s reality. The show utilizes the split window well, highlighting the conflicting nature between mind and body. This is a nice touch in a series whose major draw is the exploration of unrequited love. The part that’s problematic with Scum’s Wish is that its theme is forcefully shoved down our throats, making it a point to narrate what exactly the protagonist is feeling during every single moment. Sometimes the narration works, but for the most part it’s heavy handed and distracting. Those moments don’t really allow room for input or introspection. It’s dictating exactly what you should be thinking at all times.

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First Impressions: Little Witch Academia

Bold, energetic, and bright with a sparkle, Little Witch Academia makes a reappearance this season in unapologetically lustrous fashion. Its world of magic is absolutely entrancing, imbuing the environment with adventure, bewilderment, and wonder. For a young wide-eyed Kagari Atsuko, she peers onward at an event that’s much like a magic show. At center stage, the renowned witch Shiny Chariot delivers a heartwarming speech in front of a roaring crowd, making a show of casting spells and blowing up monsters. Kagari marvels at the spectacle before her eyes, completely enchanted by the magical feats of the great witch. Shiny Chariot summons a powerful bow to destroy a magical creature which combusts into a glittering array of stars. As the stars rained down like fireworks, we could see young Kagari’s idolization of Shiny Chariot being cemented.  Continue reading “First Impressions: Little Witch Academia”

First Impressions: ēlDLIVE — Episode 1

It looks like this anime season will be continuing its trend of lackluster series. Nothing really stands out in ElDlive apart from the fact that the protagonist talks to himself. It would be amusing if it weren’t for one problem: The series, rather than letting the audience think about its unique qualities, points to it in a way that might as well have a big sign that reads, “Look at me, I’m special.” Much like other shows this season, ElDive could be improved upon if it used subtlety to convey its themes. Well, that and if you overlooked its overall lack of direction in subplots. Studio Pierrot really dropped the ball with this series. Continue reading “First Impressions: ēlDLIVE — Episode 1”

First Impressions: Akiba’s Trip — Episode 1

There’s not much to be said here other than the first episode of Akiba’s Trip was certainly a wild ride. Every new turn in sequences served to disorient me, violently shaking my brain into submission. By the time I finished watching the episode, I was in disbelief at how bad it was; a complete and utter mess from start to finish. Fights erupt with no prior context with girls being undressed at a whim. It isn’t until the latter half of the episode that we find out why exactly one of the characters insists on undressing all of their opponents to beat them. Continue reading “First Impressions: Akiba’s Trip — Episode 1”

Fall 2016 Catchup: Keijo!!!!!!!!


Navigating through any social media outlets during this anime season, you’d be hard-pressed to not find any gifs or screen-caps of anime girls in swimsuits strutting their stuff. No, everyone didn’t suddenly become obsessed with ecchi overnight. It turns out, girls clashing their booties and boobies makes for an explosively exciting sport. And this is exactly what Keijo!!!!!!!! is all about.

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