Little Witch Academia, Episode 4: The Adorable Dork that is Lotte

Little Witch Academia takes a detour this week from Kagari’s role as a lead to dive into Lotte’s world.  As a result, Lotte dazzled us with her command of the narrative in dweebish fashion. If you needed any convincing as to why she’s such a likeable character, then look no further than this episode. Lotte’s infectious charm is on full display.

The series thus far has done a great job of entertaining an episodic formula to explore its themes while still fitting within an overarching timeline. Most of Little Witch Academia’s success is in the manner of the show’s use of Kagari as a vehicle of exploration, which is why a deviation was largely unexpected. But this bold new approach was not only admirable, it added depth to an already brilliant show. Lotte taking the reigns helped us see just what exactly tickles her fancy.

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Before this development, we only had minor glimpses into what Lotte was like as a supportive character — a dorkish homebody who paid attention in class and avoided conflict. With this episode, we see the reasons for her personality, making her all the more believable and sympathetic. Lotte reveals of a fascination with the novel Nightfall she’s had since childhood. Nightfall’s author Annabel Crème is releasing her 365th volume and with it, she’s making a public appearance (the first in all her 120 years of writing!).  However, because she took part in Kagari’s scheme to steal tarts from the kitchen, they were punished and couldn’t go. The realization tormented her. When Kagari inquired about why she was so sad, Lotte could not contain her excitement the least bit. Her eyes sparkled as she fangirled about the fantasy romance novel that saved her from her childhood bullying. Poor Kagari and Sucy tried their best to keep up with the endless torrent of words that came out of her mouth. Lotte’s excitement was short lived. After all, she’s missing quite possibly the best moment in all of time. This is when Kagari steps in with one of her genius plans.

The silly witch trio sneaks on the back of a food truck just in time to make the debut of Annabel Crème’s first public appearance. Lotte returned to her gleeful demeanor, spouting all sorts of nerdy facts about Nightfall as they went around the town (Nightfall was a big deal and the whole town was decorated with Nightfall themes). They eventually make their way inside to the theatre where the largely unenthused Annabel Crème is debuting. She very weakly addresses the audience before forcing them to take part in a trivia game. Of course, Lotte wins it all and her prize is the magical fountain pen that turns you into the next writer of Nightfall. This was not what she wanted at all.

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What made this episode so great was in the way we got to explore Lotte’s unexpected passions. I myself can remember a handful of times I’ve forced people to listen to my fanboyish whims (much like I do on this blog, whahaha!). These poor suckers were practically reaching for any exit from the conversation (don’t run away please, I love you all). That’s why I admired both Lotte’s passion and the amount of support Kagari and Sucy showed her. It served to deepen their bonds, while also adding weight and believability to Lotte. When Lotte was distraught about not being able to go, I fully sympathized with her situation. And then there was the haunting realization that her childhood story would come to an end with her becoming the next author. Kagari could not wrap her mind around why she wouldn’t want to be the next author. This was a situation Lotte could not accept. She took charge of the situation, bringing the pen back to Annabel and reinvigorating her love for writing.

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It just goes to show, not everyone has the same idea of success. Your idea of success is largely affixed to your own aspirations in life. For Lotte, she’s content with supporting her idol on the sidelines. If she were to write Nightfall, she would no longer be able to enjoy being surprised by clever writing and twists — the beauty and mystery of the world would be forever ruined. Lotte’s happiness stems from bringing up those around her. This highly contrasts Kagari, who couldn’t for the dear life of her wrap her head around why Lotte would toss away such a golden opportunity. Lotte’s idea of success makes her fitting of a supportive role in Kagari’s entourage. Kagari needs someone like Lotte to keep her brash nature at bay.

What another great week for Little Witch Academia, this time with an unexpected, but welcomed deviation from the formula. Lotte’s side story added some shine to a show that was already brimming with brilliance.

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