ēlDLIVE: Episode 2 — Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship

Episode 2 of ēlDLIVE left a lot to be desired and aside from the escape of a vicious criminal, not much really happens overall.Misuzu and Chuta cling to their boring personalities without much variance. Misuzu’s constant berating of Chuta becomes rather grating to listen to after the tenth time. Much of the episode was dedicated to filling us in to what the ‘weiner-like’ creature coming out of Chuta exactly is (those were his words, not mine). We learn that the creature goes by the name of Dolugh and he’s a fourth generation Monitalien assigned to earth. He’s also somehow connected to Chuta’s life force, hinting that if one of them dies, so will the other.

The rest of the episode continues without much direction. There’s nothing really resembling any sense of cohesion to connect all the scenes together — things just happen for the sake of advancing the plot. Chuta admiringly watches Misuzu play tennis. He then gets hit by a flying soccer ball and sent to the infirmary. This is about as generic as events go in story centered around school life. While he’s in the infirmary, he hears a familiar voice. Chuta remembers the voice comes from the pet that’s connected to him, which he so lovingly calls a weiner. Of course, as this happens, Misuzu walks in and overhears him saying the word weiner, so she looks at Chuta in disgust. This joke wasn’t funny the first time, so I’m not quite sure why they keep using it. In any case, she tells him about how she came to pick them up for their night-shift even though it’s the day, so they go back to the bureau. Misuzu gives Chuta a tour of their Space Police Bureau while she continues teasing him. Through Misuzu’s tour, we learn about the solar system and how the ship operates, but none of it really holds my attention because it’s all just thrown at me. Chuta gets lost in the ship when suddenly, a vicious criminal escapes. At this point, I was just happy to see anything happen.

They chase down a notorious criminal that escaped to Earth from their Space Police station. Apparently he was on a killing spree before his arrest. Misuzu shows she’s much more aware of her surroundings than Chuta as she points to a large refrigerator-looking thing being hurled their way. Dragline, the vicious criminal that escaped from the ship, makes his appearance and proceeds to attack them. Misuzu jumps to action, reading the alien his rights as she tries to arrest him. Meanwhile, Chuta is in the corner being his usual pessimistic self. I had thought the whole point of him being upset about Misuzu was to prove her wrong, but nope. It just gets worse. He starts blaming Dolugh for the tragedies that have befallen him like saying ‘weiner’ in front of the girl he loves (poor Chuta has it rough). Misuzu overhears his pessimism and tells him he’s not fit to be in ēlDLIVE. Honestly, she has a point.

Dragline attacks an old lady and chuta finally jumps to action. With Dolugh at the helm, they charge a beam of light towards Dragline, but he deflects it. Right before they’re attacked by Dragline’s claws, Dolugh blocks it by biting him. Misuzu, who’s now glowing with resolve, intercepts Dragline while he’s kept busy, powering up through a sailor moon-esque transformation sequence. She even grows a pair of angelic wings. She then slices Dragline in two with a swift movement of her arm. It was all very random, as if the series decided to pull every trope in Shounen fight series for this one fight. Chuta looks on admiringly, as he notes how much of a ‘super cool space girl’ she seems. Those were actually his exact words.

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I’m not really sure who’s a worse character: Misuzu, who’s either an emotionless robot or in a perpetual state of agitation without any context, or Chuta, the hopelessly useless, fearful, and action averse protagonist? It’s about a tie for me right now. Misuzu is always taking cheap shots at Chuta for the sake of simply adding drama; it wouldn’t be so bad if her reason for being harsh with Chuta was explored, but I guess that’s too much to ask. So far, Chuta has done nothing but look for the path of least resistance. Okay, maybe that’s a little fair considering he is a middle schooler. However, he’s not even the least bit excited to join up with the ēlDLIVE space police. You’re getting warped to outerspace, in a space ship filled with aliens and people claiming to be part of some intergalactic police force that you’re a part of, on top of working with your crush and you’re not the least bit excited? Really? Any other kid would be jumping with joy. Instead, he’s always just worrying about what Misuzu thinks of him.

The only redeeming factor for Chuta was that he took some initiative at the end of the episode. Instead of letting Misuzu essentially boot him off the ship, he argues that he wants to stay. It’s the first time he’s shown some spine.

So far, I’m not getting any signs of life from ēlDLIVE. It’s only two episodes in and I’m already bored to tears. While I understand the story is largely supposed to be for kids, that doesn’t excuse the lazily pieced together plots and boring characters we’re forced to interact with. It’s not like Akira Amino is a stranger to storytelling either, so I’m rather shocked at the quality of this series. All I can say is hopefully things get better soon.


— Palpable (* ̄m ̄)

2 thoughts on “ēlDLIVE: Episode 2 — Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship”

  1. Nice overview, Mr. Palpable.

    The second episode is indeed pretty light on development. I half agree that Chuuta should perhaps be more interested in being a space cop, but at the same time he’s kind of an insecure kid and a lot of this can feel overwhelming. Having Misuzu be so cold to him seems needlessly mean when it’s really just Chuuta’s second day. Also since using her power doesn’t seem to tied to wearing a leotard, I’m not sure why they featured it so prominently this episode other than to show us that she’s able to do that?

    There’s probably a good reason for her being that way, but it may take a while for us to get there. Chuuta, on the other hand, has a lot of opportunities for development since we’re seeing this story from his perspective all the time and Dolugh, much as Iike Rie Kugumiya, can’t seem to keep quiet. Still, he’s moving along slowly and I hope we do get some more growth out of him soon.

    If you’ve not seen the third episode, it unfortunately doesn’t add much either. There’s a good chance that things might pick up next week, but having little clue about the writer’s style and not being familiar with the manga, I can’t rightly judge how much potential this series has yet.

    1. Thanks, Weekend!

      It is a lot for any kid to deal with, but it’s not like the situation is completely unfavorable. To his credit, he did seem somewhat determined at the end to take action, so we’ll have to see how things pan out. The transformation sequence seemed so random, it bordered on ridiculous.

      Yeah, I hope it’s for a legitimate reason. I’ll be very disappointed if it’s simply a way to add tension within their relationship. Well, Akira Amino’s Reborn! series had quite possibly one of the slowest starts I ever experienced in a Shounen series. I think the anime took me something like twenty episodes to get into. Don’t ask how I sat through twenty episodes while disinterested. I used to watch just about anything…

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