First Impressions: Gabriel Dropout, Episode 1

Okay, I thought Interviews With Monster Girls was funny, but then I watched Gabriel Dropout and I was left cackling like a madman. The show is seriously hilarious. It sorta suckers you into it, too. It starts with a seemingly innocent premise filled with bubbly characters that radiate joy. Up in heaven, a group of angels surround the exceptionally gifted angel Gabriel, congratulating her on graduating Angel School. Having graduated, Gabriel pursues further education down in earth.  The group of angels send her off all teary-eyed, saying how much they’ll miss her. And so Gabriel descends down to heaven, ecstatic about studying humans firsthand. It’s all innocently cutesy stuff until she experiences life on earth firsthand.

It doesn’t take long for Gabriel to realize how mundane everyday life is as she burns herself cooking, cleaning, and weeding the garden. Fortunately for her, she finds a cure to her boredom when she hears some noise coming out of an open laptop with an MMO already in play. Some poor noob died and was frantically yelling for help, and of course, with her being an angel, she just had to help him. Unfortunately for her, she becomes addicting to video games. Gabriel Dropout follows the story of a “Failen” Angel, as Gabriel so lovingly proclaims (it wasn’t my pun, so don’t hurt the messenger), and her downward spiral after experiencing earthly delights such as video games and. more video games. That’s all her life becomes. She avoids school and stops cleaning her room. Her room becomes absolutely filthy, with trash littered in every corner. She doesn’t even see the sunlight anymore, nor does she care. The worst part about it is that she doesn’t even seem to enjoy gaming anymore — She trash-talks her party members, letting them know how useless they are. Essentially, Gabriel is quite possibly the worst angel in existence. Her halo rotting into a nasty dark ring is proof of this.

The series plays on the notion of how you think the characters should behave, opposed to how they actually behave. The contradicting actions of the angels and demons in this show is utterly hilarious. At one point, Gabriel becomes so terrible at being an angel that she can’t even use her basic teleportation spell properly. In her attempt to teleport herself to school because she’s so lazy, she ends up only sending her panties. She sulks in embarrassment for the rest of the day, threatening to bring about an apocalypse on all who bore witness to her panties. One mischievous angel tricks a naïve demon into communicating with a dog. The demon, in quite possibly the cutest manner, ends up barking at the dog for a good 30 seconds before she realizes she’s being tricked. I was practically out of breath laughing.

Humorous moments like these are plentiful in Gabriel Dropout, easily making the series a must-watch for the season. It’s ridiculously silly cast of characters will leave you rolling for the entirety of the episode.



— Palpable 😀

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Gabriel Dropout, Episode 1”

  1. Ridiculous cast is right. It seems they’re introduced as one thing, then turn out to be something very different (aside from Vignette).

    I loved how Satania’s resolve was crushed so easily by the teacher. Her crying while holding those buckets made me snort-laugh.

    1. Yeah! That’s the part that’ll sucker you in, hah.

      Hahaha, that was great! Poor Satania. She might very well be the worst demon ever, but at least it doesn’t stop her from sticking to it. That moment with the buckets had me hysterical too. The dog scene killed me though.

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