First Impressions: ACCA, Episode 1

ACCA’s first episode was magnificently crafted, unraveling a world in which something is clearly amiss. Its aesthetic, brightly colored cityscapes, extremely detailed uniforms, and long, lanky characters, alongside a funky soundtrack, compliments the rich narrative with flavor. Through the hollowed-out expression of the sharp inspector Jean Otus, we learn of the corruption that plagues the seemingly rose-tinted world of ACCA. The Dowa Kingdom is a federation comprised of 13 states, each with their own set of branches and agencies. Jean, as the Chief Officer of the Inspection Department in one of these states, is right at the center of everything. Tasked with inspecting all agencies, he uses his keen intellect, skepticism, and laid-back attitude to uncover problems within the organization. And boy, does he make for an interesting character.

What makes Jean such a great character is that his defining traits are part of what drives him. Jean carries himself with a lot of confidence, never straying from his firm beliefs. It doesn’t matter who you are to him — If you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, he will stand in your way. The man doesn’t even trust his own subordinates, even going as far as to say “I try not to think of my subordinates as exceptional, after all, doubting them is my job.” Jean wears his skepticism proudly as a marker of his success in the world, acting on his suspicions with unwavering conviction. His skepticism is likely a byproduct of his realistic point-of-view.

All together, this series may be a lot better than I had even anticipated. ACCA has all the markers of a great story: A strong, purposeful lead character with firm beliefs, a unique aesthetic, and a carefully well-constructed world hinting at its imminent decline.


—Palpable ヽ(´▽`)/


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