First Impressions: Seiren, Episode 1

Seiren is such a generic romantic comedy it actually hurt to watch. This series has all the same issues that plagued its predecessor, Amagami SS: an utterly mundane cast of characters. Sure, there’s some fun exchanges of banter and interesting topics of conversation, but it doesn’t make it worthwhile to stick around. Our protagonist, the love-struck Kamita, is as boring as they come. He has no goals or ambitions; he’s just a painfully average guy taking it one day at a time. His love interest Tsuneki is too perfect. She’s the class idol and has plenty of guys after her, but for some strange reason she can’t help but gravitate around Kamita. To top it off, she’s not taken aback by Kamita’s creepy tendencies. She might actually be into that sort of thing.

To be fair, the playful exchanges between Kamita and Tsuneki are engaging, but they’re not really likeable characters. Kamita has no direction in life. The episode literally begins with him telling his teacher through a career survey that he wants to be a horned-beetle. The reason? Because he caught one for a kid and it made him happy.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, it just goes to show the guy doesn’t really care about much. There’s no depth of characters.  Everything in Seiren is surface deep. It’s hard to insert yourself anywhere in the story because the characters do a terrible job of evoking any emotion.

With that in mind, there is potential of Seiren getting better. There are some hints that the series will explore Kamita’s and Tsuneki’s relationship more. Not to mention, the episode does end on a fairly interesting cliffhanger, but it wasn’t really enough to strike me. Something tells me this is just going to be just another painfully average series and I’m not sticking around to find out.


—Palpable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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