First Impressions: Interviews with Monster Girls, Episode 1

Endearingly awkward splashed with a colorful cast of characters, Interviews with Monster Girls is a pleasant surprise of fun.  It doesn’t aim to blow us out of the water; The character designs and high school setting are all pretty generic stuff, but that’s where the appeal lies. Instead, it opts to present to us the seemingly average day-in-the-life of a teenage monster girl (also known as demis or demi-humans) attending high school. The premise is so simple it’s brilliant. As the episode unfolds, we get to see the everyday worries of these monster girls, their interactions with their peers filled with genuine curiosity, and even the exploration of things such as their diet.

It helps that one of the main characters, the inquisitive and stoic Biology teacher Takahashi, is someone who steers the narrative in comedic fashion. In some cases, his curiosity gets the better of him, getting himself into all sorts of awkward situations with the monster girls. We can all probably relate to a time where our good nature got the better of us. Or even a time where we asked something that in retrospect, we had no business asking. He shows he has a good heart, but can be a little too forward with his actions and questions — The poor guy makes a school girl run for dear life, not realizing that approaching her as a grown man in the middle of the night comes off as sketchy (Oof, that’s painful). Takahashi means well and that’s what makes him so endearing. In one instance, he motions to touch a succubus when he’s not aware of her consciously avoiding touching people. He was completely unaware of the painstaking amount of attention she pays to it, as she even goes through the effort of avoiding places like the train because she doesn’t want to sexually stimulate anyone. Moments like these help us better understand by showing us the problems they have on a daily basis, making the curious Takahashi the perfect candidate for leading the narrative.

The monster girls are all charming characters. The young vampire Hikari is a fun, energetic protagonist charging the series with her positive energy. She may be scheming, blunt, and overly-optimistic, but it’s all for the sake of entertainment. The interviews with her and Takahashi are quite funny. She basks in the attention, even going as far as to beg him to ask her more when he seems like he’s about to go back to work. Like Takahashi, she shows that her curiosity can also get the better of her. I won’t elaborate on that any further because I don’t want to spoil the moments. There’s also the shy dullahan girl Machi who prefers walking to school rather than taking the bus. The poor girl has to lug her head everywhere, making the school bus quite a dangerous place for her. There’s the aforementioned succubus math teacher that’s late to school because she avoids the train. And lastly, there’s the snow girl who is prone to heat exhaustion during gym class. All these girls are just going about living their daily lives, trying to make the most of their situations.

Surprisingly, Interviews with Monster Girls was one of the better shows this season largely because it’s not trying to be what it’s not. The series is light-hearted fun with adorable characters. It’s not meant to be taken seriously – it’s a character driven story featuring the day in the life of a monster girl. The interviews and interactions between people serve to enlighten us on their situation. The series really does a great job at showing the problems they have as demi-humans.

— Palpableヽ(´▽`)/

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