First Impressions: Akiba’s Trip — Episode 1

There’s not much to be said here other than the first episode of Akiba’s Trip was certainly a wild ride. Every new turn in sequences served to disorient me, violently shaking my brain into submission. By the time I finished watching the episode, I was in disbelief at how bad it was; a complete and utter mess from start to finish. Fights erupt with no prior context with girls being undressed at a whim. It isn’t until the latter half of the episode that we find out why exactly one of the characters insists on undressing all of their opponents to beat them.

It’s as if the studio went through some how-to-make-a-seasonal hit checklist that managed to compile the worst aspects of every series. None of the events that happen in Akiba’s Trip make any sense and trying to piece them together will only drive you insane. This studio needs some serious lessons in subtlety. They can’t expect to compile ridiculous, inexplicable events to achieve a seasonal sensation. That’s not how narrative structure works. Without any explanation, it starts to feel like sensory overload resulting from the masturbatory whims of the studio. I get that maybe the studio doesn’t want to spoon-feed the audience, but there’s a fine line between cleverly unfolding events as you go and randomly piecing together a plot for the sake of keeping your audience in the dark.

As if it wasn’t enough to overwhelm you with explosive imagery without explanation, the pacing of Akiba’s Trip leaves your head spinning. There were far too many events crammed into one episode without any cohesion. What proceeds to happen is as our protagonist, Tamotsu, goes on about his day, until a girl falls out of the sky. He continuously encounters this girl, Mayonaka, all throughout the city and she beats the crap out of everyone he meets. But it doesn’t stop there. She doesn’t just defeat her opponent; she utterly humiliates them by undressing them.

I’m all for over-the-top humor, but this just comes across as another area that’s simply there to be crossed off the checklist. Neither Mayonaka’s reason for battling or her name are revealed until the last several minutes of the episode. This is after all the major events have already occurred, including her bringing someone back to life by repeatedly dry-humping and kissing. It’s too much.

Then there’s the group of enemy, the Bugged Ones, who are about as one-dimensional as cardboard cutouts. None of them are unique or interesting as they didn’t establish their reasons for being the way they were. They were also easily defeated. It’s as if the entire reason the group exists seems to be simply to have a reason for battles and fanservice.

In all, the episode only has two things going for it (which it doesn’t even get right): fan-service and some sprinkles of actually cool imagery. Besides that, there’s nothing else to hold your attention. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for me to warrant watching the series nor can I recommend it. Akiba’s Trip leaves far too much to be desired.

— Palpableヽ(`Д´)ノ

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Akiba’s Trip — Episode 1”

  1. Hmm….this sounds like a series I really want to check out now. Erm…..NOT 😂😂 The plot already sounds completely insane and after reading this, I am truly skipping this one. Actually glad, as with the amount I still have to watch, I really think this is pretty much okay 😀

  2. Ahaha, you sure, Raistlin? 😛 You wouldn’t want to miss a gem. Bahaha.

    At this point, with the lack of great series to watch, this is pretty much a dedicated catch-up to your backlog season.

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