ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus

ACCA’s third episode was slow paced, taking time to construct the uncertainties that plague the minds of the individuals in power. Continue reading “ACCA Episode 3: The Mysteries Surrounding Jean Otus”

March Comes in like a Lion: Episode 14 — The Silk Fabric of Self-Deception

March Comes in like a Lion piles on to its depiction of depression relentlessly, layering epiphany after epiphany to deconstruct the tumultuous state of Rei’s fragile mind. Seemingly enough, not a lot technically happens on a surface level, with one half of the episode dedicated to Rei’s match and the other half exploring the aftermath of the battle. But the focus of the episode wasn’t in the advancement of the scenes; it was in the exploration of the delicate fabric that seizes hold of Rei’s mind, blinding him to the harsh realities of competition. Continue reading “March Comes in like a Lion: Episode 14 — The Silk Fabric of Self-Deception”

Little Witch Academia: Episode 3 — The True Magic is in an Earnest Approach

It’s not often the case that people pursue their dreams with all that they have. After all, if it were that easy, we’d all be well-accomplished individuals. Continue reading “Little Witch Academia: Episode 3 — The True Magic is in an Earnest Approach”

Masamune-Kun no Revenge: Episode 2 — The Inconsistencies of Masamune

Episode 2 of Masamune-Kun no Revenge was no different from the first. Masamune continues down his despicable path, scheming ways to win over Aki all for the sake of repairing his fragile ego. Continue reading “Masamune-Kun no Revenge: Episode 2 — The Inconsistencies of Masamune”

ēlDLIVE: Episode 2 — Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship

Episode 2 of ēlDLIVE left a lot to be desired and aside from the escape of a vicious criminal, not much really happens overall. Continue reading “ēlDLIVE: Episode 2 — Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship”

ACCA: Episode 2 Review

Shows with clever protagonists tread a thin line, and more often than not, live and die by just how intelligent the character is overall. Continue reading “ACCA: Episode 2 Review”

Scum’s Wish: Episode 2 Review

Through the lens of two new characters, we explore new angles on unrequited love in Scum’s Wish. Hana’s childhood friend Ecchan has had a crush on her for quite some time, but she doesn’t want to impede on her and Mugi. Mugi’s childhood playmate Noriko is on a similar boat, lusting over Mugi. Things get incredibly complicated for everyone involved, as we begin to see the facades that they have built crumbling down. They are barely holding themselves together, attempting to keep back these primal desires that they have. This episode didn’t restrain itself when it came to depicting the cognitive dissonance present in characters while they struggled to understand what in particular makes them love the people they do. It was an utterly powerful episode, filled with the raw emotion associated with awkward moments of teenage love. Continue reading “Scum’s Wish: Episode 2 Review”

Little Witch Academia: Episode 2 Review

Little Witch Academia continues its bright path with impetus, further building upon its whimsical setting with hearty humor and good fun. This episode focused primarily upon establishing the inner workings of the Witch Academy with the charming dynamic of Kagari’s silly witch trio as they go about their studies. The start of the episode was great, giving us a snippet into what exactly their daily lives as witches entails. Kagari herself is faced with some major unexpected hurdles which put her resilience to the test. With the reveal of a new prodigious rival abound and unbelievably not-so-magical classes, Kagari had her work cut out for her. This episode was even better than the first (and I had thought that it already had set the bar high). Each scene pushed forward with cohesion, as if every individual part was working in perfect harmony, seamlessly blending from one transition to the next.  Continue reading “Little Witch Academia: Episode 2 Review”

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March Comes in like a Lion: Episode 13 Review

March Comes in like a Lion switches things up this episode, taking us through Smith’s point of view as he prepares for his match against Gotou. His cool, rough voice narrates his morning routine, revealing an unexpected diligence beneath his playful exterior. His mind is always on the world of Shogi, whether he’s sleeping, eating, walking, or anything in between. Smith’s resolve is handled with quite the delicate hand. His internal monologue is insightful, showing that he too has something he aims for, just like every professional in the shogi world. He knows that there is a small chance in defeating Gotou, and he clings onto it with dear life. Smith is realistic about his chances, but it doesn’t break him. Continue reading “March Comes in like a Lion: Episode 13 Review”