March Comes in like a Lion — Ep 10: The Grim Reaper of Shogi

There’s a side of competition that stories seldom tell — the less favorable, ugly side where losers taste despair.

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Gi(a)rlish Number — Fall 2016 Catchup: More like Boorish Number

Gi(a)rlish Number? More like, Boorish Number.

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Nice Smelling Butts and Card Tricks: Keijo, Episode 11


After a recent draw, Episode 11 continues on the next set of battles between the rival schools of Suruga and Setouchi and atop a castle at that. With Setouchi’s lineup consisting of Kawai, Nozomi, Rukodou, and some new character no one really knows anything about, Kogatana, you could say I was more than a little hyped. Part of the reason I was excited for this episode was because I was curious as to just what kind of crazy butt power would result from Nozomi’s training arc. That and it’s been a little while since we’ve seen Kawai fight. If Kawai was ever to be pushed to her limits, it would be in this match, especially after you consider who she’s facing. Suruga let loose, unveiling some of their star players such as their number two, Maya; the buttwall fighter, Yokosugi (who is pretty much a gimmick throwaway character); the cool beauty Midori; and the Magician’s bust Hikari. The lineup for both teams were stacked, assuring what could only be a fight of insanely comedic proportions. Boy, did this episode deliver. Continue reading “Nice Smelling Butts and Card Tricks: Keijo, Episode 11”

Fall 2016 Catchup: Keijo!!!!!!!!


Navigating through any social media outlets during this anime season, you’d be hard-pressed to not find any gifs or screen-caps of anime girls in swimsuits strutting their stuff. No, everyone didn’t suddenly become obsessed with ecchi overnight. It turns out, girls clashing their booties and boobies makes for an explosively exciting sport. And this is exactly what Keijo!!!!!!!! is all about.

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One amusement park you do not want to visit: Nanbaka — Initial Impressions


So, think Prison School meets Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory except remove all of the funny, add a full cast of indiscernible androgynous men with attitude problems, some forced humor here and there, and a plot that makes absolutely no sense. The result? A heap of garbage known as Nanbaka; quite possibly the worst series I’ve watched in a long time. I wouldn’t even subject my worst enemy to a minute of this series.

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The Anchor that is Shogi: March Comes in like a Lion, Episode 9


With episode 9 of March Comes in like a Lion, the previously explored topic of shogi as a lifeline is pushed to the forefront of the anime.  This time, however, the topic divulges into overwhelmingly tedious repetition as we’re introduced to a new, boring character whose flatness rivals that of a sheet of paper. This character is none other than Shouichi Matsunaga, a 65 year-old 7th dan professional shogi player facing demotion if he is to lose his match with Rei. He is quite possibly the most unappealing character to date. Continue reading “The Anchor that is Shogi: March Comes in like a Lion, Episode 9”

Yuri!!! on Ice — Initial Impressions


Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been living under a rock for taking this long to watch Yuri!!! on Ice. I had a hard time believing I’d even remotely care about a show whose main focus is ice skating, but evidently I was wrong. And for that, I deserve to have that same rock beaten against my head for how foolish I’ve been to have even started this series so late into the season. To put it simply, Yuri!!! on Ice’s first episode was amazing. Continue reading “Yuri!!! on Ice — Initial Impressions”