Keijo — Final Episode Review

Keijo’s ending was a mixed bag — it started with a boom, trailed off into a whimper somewhere in between, but managed to pick itself back up to finish just as strongly as it began.

Keijo’s ending was a mixed bag — it started with a boom, trailed off into a whimper somewhere in between, but managed to pick itself back up to finish just as strongly as it began. Most of the excitement from the first half came from the twist of Maya’s alternate ego Kaya backing Seitouchi into a visible corner. Nozomi had just given her all to matching Maya’s strength and with Kaya showing that she was capable of swatting aside the rest of Seitouchi’s best like flies, it was apparent that the odds were stacked against her.

The first half of the episode focused on showcasing Kaya’s dominance as a Keijo player. I loved the reveal that her split personality was the number one player all along. Her ruthless, cold demeanor allowed her to walk all over Seitouchi, immediately thwarting the resistance of everyone but Nozomi; it was a stark contrast to Maya’s seemingly shy and less confrontational personality. Rokudou, Kawai, and Nogatana were all easily defeated. Rokudo’s strained screams as she’s being squeezed by Kaya’s boobs really showed the divide in their strengths.

Despite Kaya being an unmerciful character, the series did a great job at making her sympathetic by taking the time to explore Maya’s tragic history of being abused. All together, it added a motive to what would otherwise be a battle without any tension. After all, it’s the contrast between the character’s serious demeanor and their ridiculous battles that really drive Keijo’s humor home. But with all our protagonist’s friends being defeated so easily, the show took a much foreseeable turn in plot. What follows is the episode’s weakest point.

If we’ve learned anything from the many Shounen series that came before Keijo, it’s that the power of friendship always prevails in the face of overwhelming odds, especially when you have to fight to avenge them. This rings truer than ever for Keijo, as just before everyone is defeated by Kaya, Kawai makes one last ditch effort to tap into Nozomi’s hidden strength as the protagonist of the series — Kawai infuses Nozomi with her final move, ‘tit spirit,’ passing on the last drop of strength she has left. This is probably the highlight of the show for anyone who came strictly for the fan service. Okay, the part where Kawai passes on her energy through her nipples I actually didn’t see coming, but everything that follows is a rather predictable, mundane fight where Nozomi powers up using her signature move over and over. Eventually, Nozomi made Maya answer to her by pleading to the side of her that genuinely enjoys Keijo, asking her to come out to end the battle in one final move with everything they have. Then, just as everything is dead even, Nozomi releases final iteration of Nozomi’s Vacuum Butt Cannon and that’s the end of that.

Thankfully, because of how short the final battle was, it allowed for Keijo to wrap the characters up rather nicely. I like how after the battle, Maya seeks comfort from her mother, who is revealed to be none other than her coach. It was a very heartwarming moment between the two that added some necessary depth to the coach’s character. Afterwards, the rival schools come together to celebrate the ending of the tournament, joining each other in raising Maya’s spirits. It was a great ending overall, sprinkling in some of the usual humor to cement the theme of Keijo that in the end, everyone’s a winner because competition brings everyone up as a whole (or something). Oh, and butts are great too.

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Grade: B-

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