Nice Smelling Butts and Card Tricks: Keijo, Episode 11


After a recent draw, Episode 11 continues on the next set of battles between the rival schools of Suruga and Setouchi and atop a castle at that. With Setouchi’s lineup consisting of Kawai, Nozomi, Rukodou, and some new character no one really knows anything about, Kogatana, you could say I was more than a little hyped. Part of the reason I was excited for this episode was because I was curious as to just what kind of crazy butt power would result from Nozomi’s training arc. That and it’s been a little while since we’ve seen Kawai fight. If Kawai was ever to be pushed to her limits, it would be in this match, especially after you consider who she’s facing. Suruga let loose, unveiling some of their star players such as their number two, Maya; the buttwall fighter, Yokosugi (who is pretty much a gimmick throwaway character); the cool beauty Midori; and the Magician’s bust Hikari. The lineup for both teams were stacked, assuring what could only be a fight of insanely comedic proportions. Boy, did this episode deliver.

Keijo really stepped it up a notch, embracing the satire to a whole new level. Some of the funniest moments thus far happened in this episode alone. Episode 11 had it all — cards pouring out of butts, the power of friendships being tested, backstories with sad music, and Nozomi’s debut match after the grueling turnip training. The card magician girl was hilarious, literally spewing cards out of her ass as she battled (there is literally no limit to the type of abilities these characters can have).The battle between Nozomi and Maya was very entertaining and took some unexpected turns.


Nozomi pulled some very unprecedented moves to leverage the fight. Keijo never ceased to amaze me with how creative (and ludicrous) the battles can get. They even bothered to develop Maya with some backstory. As I had anticipated, Kawai and Rukodou had their backs pushed against the wall this episode. I think it was the first time Kawai was depicted as having to rely on her team to fight. Even the new completely new girl from Setouchi, Kogatana got some time in the limelight. We don’t really get to see the true extent of her powers though.


This week’s episode didn’t hold back any punches whatsoever. Keijo delivered yet again what we’ve come to expect from the show: Hilarity and epic booty battles. The cliffhanger was pretty awesome, too.



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      1. you dont understand how much i loved oyasumi punpun omg
        i dont really like punpun (the character) although, but it’s really hard to hate him because of how well “human” he is;;

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