One amusement park you do not want to visit: Nanbaka — Initial Impressions


So, think Prison School meets Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory except remove all of the funny, add a full cast of indiscernible androgynous men with attitude problems, some forced humor here and there, and a plot that makes absolutely no sense. The result? A heap of garbage known as Nanbaka; quite possibly the worst series I’ve watched in a long time. I wouldn’t even subject my worst enemy to a minute of this series.

The episode begins with an escape attempt from a group of in-mates who, through some fluke of nature, are known as some of the best escape artists known to mankind. Except, with the amount of fun these guys are having it’s hard to discern whether this is a prison or a theme park. It’s absolutely bewildering to think that they even managed to break out of a facility, let alone multiple ones. A group of monkeys are stealthier than these guys. These convicts are straight up posing for mug-shots and laughing heinously as they set off just about every alarm in the building.


One would think that if they were a group of criminal masterminds they’d be aware of the amount of surveillance they’re under. Then you learn that the guards are used to their attempts and this is all some sort of cat and mouse game they like to play. It’s like these guys have never heard of suspension of disbelief.


The cast of characters never deviated from their archetypes and any semblance of plot thrown at us at the very end of the episode was not enough to save this sinking ship. There were just too many factors bogging the show down. To say I didn’t enjoy Nanbaka would be an understatement — I was flat out bored to tears.

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